Welcome to Apex Servers

The APEX of Roleplay

Immersive Gameplay

Apex Servers provides the highest quality gameplay through custom mods, unmatched servers, and an All-Star staff.

Mature Staff

The staff of Apex Servers go through a rigorous interview process and only the best make it through, ensuring that your experience is unmatched.

Best In-Class Servers

Apex Servers uses high-quality nodes provided by NFO Servers, to provide 24/7 uptime and latency-free connections.


Want to get in on the fun?

To ensure the best possible experience for our members, we require all players to be whitelisted. In order to gain access to the server, you must fill out an application and be approved by a member of our staff.

Apply now by clicking the button below! Once you are approved, use the following IP address or search for us on the FiveM Server Browser to join us!

Apex Servers

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